God Makes a Way

Exodus 2-13

The Israelites had been working under a great load of Egyptian slavery.  Those who remembered to fear and worship God had cried out for His help.  God heard their pleas and send them a leader.  Moses took an extraordinary path to leadership position.  He was reared in an Egyptian home even though he was very aware of his Israelite heritage.  He fled the nation after killing a man in a moment of anger.  He found himself in a wilderness far different than what he had experienced growing up.  Moses married and began a family in this foreign place.  He probably thought this would be where he would spend the rest of his life.  One day he saw a bush burning but never consumed.  He approached the bush and heard God speak to him.  He was being sent back to Egypt, back to a land of bondage.  The task was not as simple as leading a group of people to their homeland.  That would have been a large enough task in itself.  He would have to free them from bondage without an army or political power.  His weapons were a simple staff and the word of God.  After some debate, Moses accepted his call to responsibility and set out for an unscripted journey.  Faith in God’s leading would have to be his motivation. This would be especially true when the odds would seem overwhelmingly against the odds of victory.

Everything God directed Moses to do came true.  There had been water turned into blood, plagues that would make the heart sink, and other signs showing God was with Moses.  At one point the labors among the people was increased making for an impossible situation.  Some wanted Moses to be quiet, after all, they had not asked for him to interfere.  They were like most people and wanted deliverance without challenges.  Moses shows up one day and starts in on Pharaoh about setting the people free.  Some would be content with a life of hard labor.  They must have thought at least they understood what was coming tomorrow if everything remained the same.  However, God had heard the cries of those who fear Him and sent a leader.  The people needed constant reminders of God’s power.  Often people read this part of history and mock the lack of faith among these people.  The same is seen today, Christians who will not give tithes or volunteer on a regular basis because they are too busy building worldly security.  Many are challenged with the idea of sacrificing for the cause of Christ however, they feel the need to make sure they have tomorrow covered with their plans.  They follow as time and extra resources permit but, absolute obedience to faith is only for the “called.”  Isrealites – Christians, little difference in attitude or actions.  Why so little difference, they are all just people facing the same challenges in life.

Occasionally, in the course of history, a leader will hear God call to direct people out of the bondage of complacency and faithless living.  It is a special opportunity to give the world a glimpse of what can happen when a group steps out in faith.  However, in this age of grace, people can leave God’s will undone and incomplete.  Doing so allows the enemy to increase territory and the kingdom of God lose ground.  For whatever reason, Christians were God’s only plan for spreading the message of reconciliation, for having a kingdom of priests, for shining a light on a hill to lead people to safety, for being salt and light to make a difference in this world.  He only made plan A and trusted believers with it.  Maybe He should have put together a plan B?  Just a thought!